January 9th, 2015

Why I wrote “The Left Behinds: The iPhone That Saved George Washington.”

Recently I’ve been asked what inspired me to write “The Left Behinds: The iPhone That Saved George Washington.”  Well, I live in the very town that Washington and his men crossed over to back in 1776, and every Christmas Day there is an annual reenactment of this historic event.  Thousands gather to watch; everyone cheers when the reenactors, dressed as Revolutionary War soldiers, row across the Delaware.  The festive event is great fun for kids, who get to run around after opening all their Christmas gifts that morning.  But I wondered: what would it be like for these kids if one day they found themselves in 1776?  How would they handle no cell phone service, for example?  Could they cope without internet, tv, indoor hot showers?  And would they have what it takes if they were called upon to help the real General George Washington lead his troops to victory at Trenton?

So from that an idea was born.  Of course, the next task was to write a fun read for kids that is both engaging and interesting – whether I succeeded or not is for others to judge, but I sure enjoyed writing it!




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